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DCW | Hannover Messe 2013 · Global Business & Markets · CEIC

HANNOVER MESSE 2013 – Global Business & Markets

HANNOVER MESSE Global Business & Markets, Hall 13, Stand E 20

April 8th–12th 2013


Thomas Scheler
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Co-operation Partner

EUCBA – EU–China Business Association


Deutsch-Chinesische Wirtschaftsvereinigung e.V.

Chinese European Intercultural Communication (CEIC) Seminar 2013

12. April, 10-12h, Hall 13, Business Forum 1

2012 has turned out to be a successful year for business relations between companies in China and its largest trade partner, the EU.

With both a rise of inbound and outbound Chinese Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) in Europe, there is an increasing importance to develop a competence in intercultural communication and management methods, when doing business with China. There are various ways to initiate business negotiations. Therefore knowing your business partners’ traditions, education background, and value system can be advantageous to you. After this seminar in cross-cultural management, you will recognize and manage cultural differences.

Welcome and Moderation

Rainer Gehnen
General Manager, German-Chinese Business Association (DCW)


“Dos and Don’ts in HR-Management for European companies in China”

Whether a European company is successful or not in Asia, is mostly determined by the quality of the employees. And the resulted “war for talent” in Asia leads to high staff turnover, especially in China. How to find and bind the best employees to the company is the key issue for any European companies who want to be successful in Asia/China.

Dr. Kuang-Hua Lin and his company Asia-Pacific Management Consulting is a leading consulting firm when it comes to recruit and retain the best talents in Asia. In his speech, he will discuss:

  • The HR Challenge for foreign companies in Asia/China
  • Why the difficulty is not only in finding, but also in selecting the correct applicants?
  • How to recruit and select managers correctly?
  • How to recruit and select non-management, technical and shop-floor staff?
  • How to evaluate the performance and salary correctly?
  • How to retain qualified staff?


“Cultural Challenges in M&A projects in China”

European companies are increasingly turning to M&A as a means to pursue their expansion plans in China. However, China's unique business, cultural and regulatory environments make this a highly complex topic. How should companies approach M&A possibilities? What are the most important aspects that need to be considered when acquiring a Chinese company in China? Dr. Kuang-Hua Lin and his consulting firm Asia-Pacific Management Consulting have been supporting foreign companies in M&A projects in China for many years. He will offer his insights into the M&A issues in his presentation:

  • Why Acquisition/JV instead of Green field? Business consideration vs. Legal restrictions.
  • Systematic search and selection of Targets
  • When is a Moderator useful or even necessary?
  • Due Diligence process
  • AoA, JV contract and SPA (Articles of Association, Share Purchasing Agreement)
  • Structuring purchasing price or investment amount
  • Final negotiation and Signing
  • From Signing to Closing
  • Finance, Controlling and Reporting
  • Post Merger Integration

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