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DCW | Southern Bavaria

Southern Bavaria refers to the southern part of the Free State of Bavaria. The region encompasses the administrative districts Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria and Swabia. The metropolitan region Munich represents the region’s economic and political hub.

As an economically diversified region, Southern Bavaria has established itself internationally in a number of sectors. Industrial companies in the region have an average export share of about 50%. With 5.5 million inhabitants and a GDP of more than €200 billion, the metropolitan region Munich is one of Germany’s economically strongest areas. In terms of R&D intensity, the Munich region is Germany-wide leader, a fact that is reflected in the high proportion of high-tech companies, predominantly in the aerospace industry, automotive and engineering sectors, electronics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The region has also built a strong reputation as a location for finance and insurance firms as well as media and IT companies.

Since 1987, Southern Bavaria’s relations to China have benefited from Bavaria’s partnership with the north-eastern Chinese province Shandong. In 1987, Freising and Weifang in Shandong initiated a partnership. Augsburg and the provincial capital Jinan have been partner cities since 2004. Moreover, Passau and Liuzhou in the southern Chinese province Guangxi have been partner towns since 1999.

For industrial companies such as Siemens, BMW and Audi as well as the region’s large number of medium-sized firms, China has been an important market for decades. By now, it has evolved into the second largest export market behind Austria. Exports to China have even outpaced those into the US. In spite of the already substantial degree of representation in the Chinese market, significant growth opportunities still exist in sectors such as the aerospace industry. This makes China by far the most important target for international investments by companies from Southern Bavaria. Increasingly, Southern Bavaria also benefits from large volumes of inbound investment from China. Many of the over 130 Chinese companies in Bavaria operate their facilities in Southern Bavaria, in particular technological companies with a high R&D intensity. About one third of the 11,000 Chinese citizens in Bavaria live in the Munich region.

DCW events are held regularly at the Munich Business School.

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